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You enter an island of fairy tale and a cycling paradise. Discover this miniature continent by bike. You will get excited with its nature and landscapes, you will know its volcanic history, tasty cuisine and you will get the kindness and hospitality of the islanders. With a perfect climate that makes this corner of the Atlantic the eternal Spring. Unparalleled places like Tiede and Mirador, among many others, will welcome you with open arms. Every cycling meter will be an incentive for the senses.
The natural environment, landscape, history, cultural and gastronomic wealth of the island is complemented by a wide offer for exploring its corners and secrets. Sea and summit united in a single pulse, pride for the islanders and a unique place for visitors who fall in love with the amazing weather, picturesque corners and the hospitality and kindness of its people.

Sticking to the gravel tracks and MTB paths doesn’t mean missing out on our island’s great biking opportunities. Road cyclists, tourers and those who just want to take it easy and take in the view are well catered for too. Quiet minor roads and a network of gravel / MTB paths and routes, there’s a lot to see and do, so get on your bike and discover Tenerife from your saddle, don’t forget to follow us on our @tenerife.cycling social media channels and tag us in your #tenerifecycling photos too.

Visit our events section to see the best Cycling Holidays and Events or ride some of the best routes in Tenerife by downloading our GPX routes in The Cycling.shop.

Cycling touring is a great way to discover the Island – travelling larger distances and absorbing more of the landscapes and surroundings. Whether you are a seasoned visitor or are on a first visit to sample the famous great Tenerife outdoors, getting on a bike is a safe and swift way of exploring. After such exertion you can be fully justified in stopping for a slab of cake or a pint of lager at any one of the many fine cafés or restaurants. Visit our TheCycling.cafe page for the best local pit-stops.

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