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Part of Lanzarote Cycling Bike Week – 7 Day Triathlon Fitness Holiday

It is a full week long cycling, swimming and running event on Lanzarote. In its tenth year anniversary edition. Special moments and unforgettable editions with routes that go through the island where fun is guaranteed kilometre after kilometre.

Cancelled In 2021 after the global pandemic we now make 2022 an even bigger and better event for cyclists and triathletes, together. A long path where we have created our landmark and got national and international recognition. We have cycled together setting the pace and reaching every target. The island is our host and this dream moves us on the calendar toward this unique event.

February means Lanzarote Bike Week and from the 26th to the 5th March we will feel and be infected by the good weather, the atmosphere and the expectation that always generates a new opportunity to know and discover the island on two wheels.

Day 1 – Early Arrivals (8/9nights) Meet and Greet with the Lanzarote Cycling team Friday 25 Feb 2022 and all the other riders – Sat 26 February 2022
Day 1 – Lanzarote Cycling Late afternoon Recce ride – bike & equipment test or Late Arrival Saturday 26 Feb 2022, Evening team meeting with TEAM Toby Garbett, the coaches.

Stages  / Days, depending on grouping for average cycling speed route order may vary.
Stage 1 – Lanzarote South East Central –  – 77 km, Elevation Gain: 1.360 m – 27 Feb 2022
Stage 2 – Lanzarote Cycling South to North –  – 95 km, Elevation gain: 2130 m
Stage 3 – Lanzarote Cycling South to East – – 98 km, Elevation gain: 2.305 m
Stage 4 – IRONMAN Bike –  – 180 km, Elevation gain: 505 m
Stage 5  – 88 km, Elevation gain: 1.615 m
Stage 6 –  30 km, Elevation gain: 1.930m, awards evening / recognition

Additional Stage 7 Early Morning ride for late leavers that day, cool-down day café ride day – Lanzarote Cycling – 82 km, Elevation gain: 1.900 m Saturday 5th March

Stage 8 – Second ride, Saturday (for additional day booked) Lanzarote Cycling –  – 53 km, Elevation gain: 730 m – Sat 5th March 2022

Late Leavers flight Sunday 6th March 2022

The Canary Islands are like a miniature continent that inspires and creates joy. The natural environment, landscape, history, cultural and gastronomic wealth of the island is complemented by a wide offer for exploring its corners and secrets. Sea and summit united in a single pulse, pride for the islanders and a unique place for visitors who fall in love with the amazing weather, picturesque corners and the hospitality and kindness of its people. Come join us for Lanzarote Bike Week 2022

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