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Do you want to leverage the credibility and influence of our brands, which inspires road cyclists to explore the world by bike?

Our website is our central cycling platform that benefits from not only articles, images and reviews but is the hub of all our cycling social media and brands covering cycling across Europe and is brought to you by The Cycling Show our media and youtube cycling brand.

We love to work with partners that are passionate about cycling and providing the best possible experiences to their clients.

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Covering the best cycling destinations across Europe, we currently offer 6 guides in three Regions;

U.K. / R.o.I (British Isles)

inc. Yorkshire, Lakes, Isle of Wight, Wales, Scotland & Ireland

Espania (Spain)

inc. Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Majorca, & Mainland Spain

Europe (Rest of)

inc. Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italia, & combined Pyrenees Region

We operate dedicated web content and social media platforms that inspire cyclists to visit new places through firsthand accounts of incredible rides and stunning photography. Our social aspect to promoting cycling is there to generate more travel and participation in cycling in the regions and countries we feature and promote, that in turn can benefit all businesses working in the travel and tourism sector. We then give  visitors all the information they need to book a trip including top picks for cycling-friendly accommodation, practical tips, GPX routes, guided tours plus what they can do when they’re not cycling.

We also share our thoughts on and promote the best cycling products and services that will help our readers get the most from a trip in our Cycling Shop.

Promote your destination

Do you work for a tourist board or local authority management organisation that wants to encourage cyclists to visit?

If you show us your destination then we’ll show it to the cycling world.  We do this by creating high quality, Google-search optimized articles about cycling in your destination. For example in-depth destination guides and cycle route guides as well as cycling event guides on this website and our many many social media platform inc. Facebook and Instagram.

We put our heart into promoting it via our multiple growing social media channels and engaged email  list of nearly 30,000 subscribers. We have a dedicated brand and social pages for every area we promote.

We won’t endorse something unless we love it. Our friends & family rule is paramount: we only recommend what we would recommend to our best friends or family.

If we don’t currently service your area, country or location we may be expanding into new cycling territory soon, new franchise opportunities are possible for you to tap into our brand and service proposition so do get in touch. We may also be considering expanding our current proposition in current locations and franchise opportunities may be considered as each brand grows, invest in promoting cycling together to reach a global audience with and the Cycling company.

Promote your service

Do you work for or run a business that cyclists need to know about? Perhaps a cycling holiday/tour company, bike hire platform or bike shop?

Let us tell our community  what you offer right here in our own cycling shop and cycling cafe directory.

Promote your products

Do you sell something you think our audience would love to know about?

Get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help you get the word out about it – whether it’s via an article, our social media , email newsletter,  cycling shop or our  articles / guides.

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